About the Author

Simply put, I'm a nerd. That's like a geek, but with a wide range of interests instead of one primary focus.

Here's my life story in a nutshell: I started playing violin when I was five and music has always been a deep part of me. I also started composing a few years back, just for fun. I spent most my free time growing up reading fantasy and sci-fi books. The main thing that has given me is an imagination, which I couldn't imagine being without. This is no doubt reflected by my love of dreams, since in a dream anything is possible and can be experienced as clearly as waking life. I'm currently a Mechanical Engineering student with much to learn. I've always been interested in math and science, but only gained the confidence to really start digging into it in college.

My current goals are to find as much happiness as I can in the world, improve my communication skills in order to spread that happiness, and learn to build robots.