About the Blog

This blog is basically a miscellaneous collection of things I've been thinking about. Undoubtedly this will mean a lot of posts about philosophical concepts and random facts, as well as whatever interests I'm pursuing at the moment. Perhaps an attempt at humor will be injected here and there. And of course, comments are welcomed and encouraged!

So why "nautilus"? The chambered nautilus is a nocturnal cephalopod that lives up to 2,000 feet deep in tropical waters, rising toward the surface at night to feed. It squirts out jets of water to propel itself backwards and uses osmosis to add gas or liquid, letting it rise or sink in depth.

Their shells are famous for reflecting the golden ratio, phi (1.6180339887...). Unfortunately, this also means people kill them for their shells. Apparently, the only reason the species isn't protected is because not much is known about them. Personally, I think the nautilus is an awesome creature that I could go on about for quite a while. So one day I chose it as a handle and have been using it ever since.

Photo by "Joel Abroad"