Monday, February 29, 2016

Dealing with Low Energy

From time to time I struggle with long periods of feeling depressed and lethargic. Even when I start to look forward to new possibilities, I just can't seem to find the energy. I've tried getting more sleep, less sleep, eating consistently, avoiding carbs, and exercise. Each of these things only seem to yield minor, temporary improvements to my energy level.

I gained an insight one night when I was sitting at my laptop, writing a journal entry. I was having some exciting ideas, and as I started writing them down I noticed that I went from tired and lethargic to jittery and restless. I felt like running and jumping around but that wasn't really an option in a small room at 1am with other people sleeping nearby. So I kept typing. Whenever I stopped I felt really frustrated. It was as if I had to concentrate really hard to keep up with myself.

Eventually I ran out of words. The jitters stuck around for a while, then I went back to feeling very tired. Something about this experience was familiar. That's when it clicked: the constant lethargic feeling was a result of too much energy with no place to go. I desperately wanted to be active physically, mentally, and creatively, but if I didn't know how to channel all that energy I would just shut down instead. And trust me, being in "zombie mode" for extended periods of time does not feel good.

So now I know that the solution to feeling constantly lethargic involves coming up with the appropriate channel for any energy that I happen to have stored up. Once I tap into it, it seems to be almost never ending. I've experienced this every time I get really absorbed with an interest. I'd love to hear from others if they have had simiar experiences and what they find helps most when their energy levels are low.

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